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De Rouen Versus The Turk

La Patrie – November 27, 1908

These Two Colossi Will Come To Grips Tonight, At Sohmer Park

Jenkins Was Defeated Last Night


A Bulletin from New York tells us that Yussif Mahmout, known as the Terrible Turk, has defeated Tom Jenkins, ex-champion wrestler of America, winning the first two falls of his “match” with him, at Madison Square Garden, last night. Continue reading

Polish Wrestler Fouled By Raoul de Rouen

The San Francisco Call – December 4, 1909

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 3. – Zbyszco, Polish wrestler, defeated Raoul de Rouen, a Frenchman, in a rough contest at convention hall today.  Referee Dave Porteous gave Zbyszco the first fall on a foul after 20 minutes and 11 seconds.  Zbyszco won the second fall with a crossbody and seesaw hold after 30 minutes and 35 seconds. Continue reading

Raoul de Rouen and Mahmout Matched

The New York Times – January 26, 1909

CHICAGO, Jan. 24. – Raoul de Rouen, the French Graeco-Roman wrestler, and Yussif Mahmout, the Turk, have been matched to wrestle in a catch-as-catch-can bout here Feb. 1.

Rouen Throws Tom Jenkins

The New York Times – March 28, 1914

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 27. – Raoul De Rouen, heavyweight champion wrestler of France, again defeated Tom Jenkins here to-night, De Rouen took the first fall in 31 minutes with a body hold in chancery, and the second in 10 minutes with a toe hold.

Is French Champion

Lewiston Evening Journal – November 24, 1908

Raoul de Rouen One of Largest Wrestlers Ever Booked for Lewiston – The Prelims

Raoul de Rouen, the French wrestler, who is booked to wrestle in Lewiston, Dec. 3 under the austpices of the Canadian club bears the title of heavy weight champion of France and his appearance in America is an occasion of some interest as it will enable the wrestling enthusiasts to see how he will stand up against some of the American grapplers. Continue reading

Ex-Champion Regains Title

The Standard: Ogden, Utah – March 26, 1909

Gotch Defeats Rouen in Three Straight Falls by Toe Hold

Kansas City, March 25. – Frank Gotch of Iowa, champion wrestler of the world tonight regained his title by defeating Raoul De Rouen In three straight falls. The winning all was won by the toe hold. The Frenchman allowed his shoulders to be put to the mat almost without an effort. De Rouen was repeatedly cheered for his Gameness. With the exception of a few minutes when the men were on their feet Gotch was always the aggressor. The champion was never in serious trouble. He really won the bout in the first fall when he so weakened his opponent with the toe hold that De Rouen did not care to repeat the experience in the second fall. The time of the falls was 34:45 and 13 minutes hat respectively Continue reading