Mr. Lewis Falls Prey To Savoldi

Los Angeles Times – May 23, 1933

NEW YORK, May 22 (AP) — Jumping Joe Savoldi, the illustrious ex-footballer, advanced another step toward the wrestling heights tonight with a field goal victory over old Ed (Strangler) Lewis at Madison Square Garden.

About 5,000 fans saw the former Notre Dame line plunger down his broad opponent after 43 minutes and 7 seconds of tugging and hauling. The result was the reverse of their first meeting a week ago tonight, when Savoldi dived through the ropes onto the hard concrete floor and lost interest in the proceedings.

Although he weighed only 202 pounds to around 240 for the mature Strangler, Jumping Joe was fairly well in control of the situation at all times. He had Lewis grimacing a half dozen times with toe holds before the end came.

The finish was sudden, coming just after Savoldi had been taking quite a drubbing from Lewis’ notorious headlock.  Jumping up after he had been slammed to the mat, Savoldi caught the slow-footed Strangler squarely amidships with a kick.

Down went Lewis, moaning. He arose only to encounter Savoldi’s body in full flight, and this time the veteran hit so hard he bounced. It was a simple matter for the agile Joe to pounce on Lewis and hold him there.

The triumph put Savoldi in direct line for a match with Jim Browning, recognized as champion by the New York State Athletic Commission. It also returned to Joe the title claim he won by his recent sensational victory over Jim Londos at Chicago. Lewis, a veteran of more than 4,000 matches, was left without a single title claim to his credit.

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