Tug And Grunt Boys To Show Soon

Bremerton Sun – October 14, 1936
By Jack Rogers

For those that take their pleasure in watching the tug and grunt boys go through their paces, the announcement of the start of wrestling here Oct. 20 will be greeted with much pleasure.

August Sepp, one-time grappler and promoter of cards in Seattle and neighboring cities, dropped into the office yesterday and told us that he will open here Tuesday with a three-bout card, headed by Leo Numa and the Red Shadow, a couple of bad actors on the mat.

We fell to talking of wrestling and “rassling,” as the present-day mat mayhem is sometimes termed. Sepp summed up the difference between the two pastimes in short order by telling us of the time he grappled three and one-half hours with an opponent in Texas.

“Who vould come to see dot, now?” Sepp asked in his Dutch accent. There you have it. Mr. and Mrs. Wrestling Fan today want action every minute and that’s what the present day wrestler gives them.


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