Jim Londos And Joe Savoldi Meet Tonight

Chicago Tribune – April 7, 1933

Jim Londos and Joe Savoldi will wrestle tonight at the Stadium in the main bout of a five-match program. The encounter is to be decided by one fall, with a time limit of an hour and a half.

In one of the other bouts, Jim McMillen will meet George Zaharias. Matchmaker Coffey has promised McMillen that he will get a chance at the winner of the main bout at a later date if he is victorious tonight.

The program will be completed by matches between Joe Stecher and Blue Sun Jennings; Gino Garibaldi and Tom Marvin, and Abie Coleman and John Katan.


Two one fall, one-hour time limit matches feature tonight’s wrestling card at the Marigold Gardens, Grace Street at Broadway, with Jack Smith wrestling Jack Zaravich, and Chief Yellow Deer, Oklahoma Indian, taking on Frank Wilger.

In the semi-windup, Lou Talaber, former world’s welterweight champion, meets George Kogut, light heavyweight champion from Poland. This bout is limited to 30 minutes.

Pete Holtz wrestles Lou Tucker in one of the preliminaries, while Gus Klem, American Legion welterweight champion, meets Tony Hadjick in the other.


Len Macaluso, former football player at Colgate, has been signed by Promoter Doc Krone to appear on the Jim Browning-Ed (Strangler) Lewis wrestling card at the Coliseum Tuesday night. Macaluso will meet Matros Kirilenko in the third feature of the card. Len is an all around athlete, having starred on the track before taking up football.

There will be six matches on the card when completed. Only one other has been arranged so far. This will bring together Gus Sonnenberg and Leon Pinetzki.

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