C.A.A.’s Best Bout Goes To Ed Lewis

Chicago Sunday Tribune – November 30, 1913

Ed Lewis added another victory to his string last night when he won from Jack Sajatovic of Belgium in the feature bout of the wrestling show at the Chicago Athletic Association. Lewis showed great cleverness and gained many additional admirers by his sportsmanlike attitude toward his opponent.

The first time the pair came on the mat it was evident the match would develop a tussle, as Sajatovic proved himself a finished wrestler. He broke many holds clamped on him by Lewis, and on several occasions had the Kentuckian on the defensive.

After they had been wrestling for about fifteen minutes Lewis secured a wicked hammerlock, from which the Belgian was unable to escape. The hold injured Sajatovic’s shoulder so badly that he had to give up, but Lewis refused to accept a fall, and Referee Smith called time. When the two returned to the mat later Lewis kept away from the Belgian’s injured shoulder, and in 12:30 threw Sajatovic with an arm scissors and wrist lock.

Other results: Polly Grimm, northwestern champ, threw Roughhouse Anderson in the time of 6:37. Charles Challenger, “the Mysterious Conductor,” won from Jack Koleman in straight falls. The Mysterious Horseshoer met Marty Cutler in “a hippodrome match” and defeated him in 11:02 with a waistlock. Red O’Brien threw Lionel Armstrong in straight falls.

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