Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Wrestling

The New York Times – March 26, 1905

Prof. Higashi and George Bothner to Meet in Match to Finish.

The efficiency of the Japanese art of jiu jitsu is at last to have a real test in a match to a finish made yesterday between Prof. Katsuguma Higashi, one of the foremost exponents of this Oriental science in the United States, and George Bothner of this city, the champion lightweight wrestler at catch-as-catch-can style.

The rules under which they are to meet are unique. The jiu jitsu man can use in his defense any of the tricks that belongs to his art. He also assumes no responsibility for any injury or injuries caused by any act or thing done during the contest, and must be held blameless for any ill-effect or injury that may be received during the match.

Each contestant must wear a coat and belt, and a man is defeated when his two shoulders and hips shall have touched the floor, provided the said contestant reaches this position on the floor through having been thrown down. A man is also deemed to have been defeated when in such a position on the floor if said combatant cannot free himself from his opponent’s grasp within twenty seconds’ time. As a token of surrender the defeated man must pat or hit the floor or his antagonist’s body with his hands or feet.

When a contestant allows his shoulders and hips to momentarily touch the floor, but does so with the intention of thereby throwing his opponent, the man who allows his shoulders and hips to touch the floor shall not be declared to have been defeated. When wrestling on a mat or mattress it is permissible for a contestant who is on the defensive to fall in any way that he pleases. When a combatant, lying on his back for defensive purposes, shall be raised and downed again by his opponent, and made once more to touch his shoulders and hips to the floor, the man who has been so raised and downed shall be deemed to have been defeated.


2 responses to “Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Wrestling

  1. Love the writing! The subtle drama created in paragraph two was truly an art form of the times.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      I love that you analyze writing style in that way. I am more into these articles for the historical perspective and analyzing the way that the newspapers and magazines portrayed wrestling throughout the years. It’s cool to see that different people get different things out of it.

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