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Wrestling to the Fore Once More

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The Minneapolis Journal – December 3, 1905

The present vogue for wrestling, which became marked last year and which is exceedingly strong this season, is sufficient reason for calling the interested public’s attention to this, the not least interesting fact about wrestlers today that, unlike prize fighters, they are a pretty abstemious lot when out of training as well as when in. Continue reading

Hackenschmidt’s Great Strength Due To Work

George Hackenschmidt - Hard Work article 4-8-1905

The World – April 8, 1905
By Robert Edgren

Famous Russian Wrestler Tells Robert Edgren the Story of His Life, His Marvellous Development and How He Attained It.

 Georges Hackenschmidt stood in Elmer’s gymnasium yesterday afternoon and toyed with a pair of big black dumbbells.  He tossed them up and down for ten minutes, ran through a whole series of movements, and finally held them out at arm’s length without the quiver of a muscle.

“Why do you have these light weights here?” he asked of Billy Elmer, who was looking on open-mouthed.

“Light!” exclaimed Elmer.  “Great Scott! Those weigh eighty-five pounds each.  Nobody here uses them at all.  What do you want, anyhow?”

“I wish you would get a pair of 150-pound bells, so that I can take some exercise,” replied the Russian wrestler.

“Do you always use such big weights?”

“Always!  How can a man get strong unless he does a strong man’s work?” Continue reading

When Gotch and McLeod Wrestled at a Picnic

St. John Daily Sun – December 22, 1905

On Friday night, at Sohmer Park, Montreal, will be seen two of the cleverest mat artists in the world at catch-as-catch-can style of wrestling.  They are Frank Gotch, of Des Moines, Iowa, and Dan McLeod. Continue reading

Farmer Burns Defeated

The Reading Eagle – December 9, 1905

Des Moines, Ia.: Charles Hackenschmidt, a Russian wrestler, defeated Farmer Burns in a mixed match.  Hackenschmidt won the first fall at Graeco-Roman in 18 minutes, and Burns the second at catch-as-catch-can in 19 minutes and 30 seconds.  Hackenschmidt chose for the third fall Graeco-Roman, and won in 15 minutes.

Swedish Wrestler Is To Tour The Country

The Pittsburg Press – December 17, 1905

Charles Hackenschmidt 12-17-1905

Charles Hackenschmidt, cousin of the world’s champion wrestler, has arrived in this country from Sweden.  He came with the expectation of immediately meeting Jenkins or Gotch.  On arriving in New York city he learned through Pollock, Jenkins’ former manager, that the champion had retired and was teaching at West Point.  He did not know the whereabouts of Gotch and came to Chicago.  From there he went to Des Moines, Ia., where he defeated “Farmer” Burns, the third best man in America. Continue reading

Jiu-Jitsu Defended

The New York Times – April 8, 1905

Higashi Says Tricky Methods Were Used In Match with Bothner.

Higashi, the Japanese jiu-jitsu wrestler, who was thrown three times by George Bothner in the match on Thursday night in Grand Central Palace, yesterday issued a long statement. In it he contends that he was unfairly treated in respect to a non-observance of the rules that had been agreed upon a well as in the decisions made by the referee and Bothner’s judge. Continue reading

Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Wrestling

The New York Times – March 26, 1905

Prof. Higashi and George Bothner to Meet in Match to Finish.

The efficiency of the Japanese art of jiu jitsu is at last to have a real test in a match to a finish made yesterday between Prof. Katsuguma Higashi, one of the foremost exponents of this Oriental science in the United States, and George Bothner of this city, the champion lightweight wrestler at catch-as-catch-can style. Continue reading

Tom Jenkins Sails For European Mats

The Washington Times – August 14, 1905

CLEVELAND, Ohio. Aug. 14–Tom Jenkins, of this city, the champion wrestler of the United States has sailed for England on the steamship New York. Continue reading

Wrestling Championship

The New York Times – March 12, 1905

The Gotch-Jenkins Match Will Take Place in the Garden.

Frank Gotch, America’s champion catch-as-catch-can, will be here to-morrow morning to complete arrangements for his match with Tom Jenkins, the ex-champion, at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. Continue reading

Wrestling Match

The Evening News – January 10, 1905

San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 10. – The most important wrestling match to be seen hereabouts in a long time is scheduled for Woodward’s pavilion tonight when Tom Jenkins and Jack Carkeek are to engage in a bout to settle the question of relative supremacy.  The men have been training faithfully since the match was made and a lively contest is expected to be the outcome.  The articles of agreement call for the best two out of three falls, catch-as-catch-can rules to govern.