Wade Uses Leg Locks To Down Dan Koloff; Leathers Flops Beth

The Lodi Sentinel – April 13, 1933

Glen Wade, many-muscled bone-bender from Iowa, won the battle of the behemoths Tuesday night in the Stockton auditorium when he pinned Dan Koloff, self-styled Balkan Lion, in the last two falls in the main event.  Wade was flopped in the first fall by a body slam in 17 minutes but came back to clamp on those dread leg locks in 11 and 6 minutes for the victory.

Sam Leathers, sad comedian of the mat, hammered “Wild Bill” Beth unmercifully and then slapped on his favorite hook scissors around the neck to take the semi-windup in nine minutes over the 260-pound Stockton mammoth.  Featuring flying tackles, ringside flurries and rough tactics throughout, Dean Detton and Hank Oswald grunted to a wild draw in the special event.

“Cannonball” Catto, former Stockton fisticuffer, made his grappling debut by knocking out Joe Rossi, veteran matman, in one minute and 13 seconds.  Tommy Thompson and George Kovacevich tussled to a draw in the opener.

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