Rassling War Flames In San Francisco

Los Angeles Times – February 10, 1933

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9 (Exclusive) — San Francisco’s wrestling war has burst into flame and there’s no telling what will happen.

Ed Lynch of Dreamland announced today definite split with Lou Daro, the Los Angeles promoter whose wrestlers have been used by the local promoter.

The Londos-Christy match, which Lynch had previously claimed, now goes to Frank Carroll, who announces he will use the two as the main event at his opening card in the Civic Auditorium next Thursday night.

Lynch, meantime, has allied himself with the Bowser wrestling combination. Bowser is a Boston man and has a string of grapplers who march up and down and across the country in opposition to the Daro clique.

John Pesek, a member of the Bowser stable of matmen, has been signed by Lynch to meet Walter Podolak in the main event next Friday night at Dreamland.

Ad Santel, Dan Koloff and Jack Patterson are other wrestlers Lynch plans to use in what he says will be his all-star cast this coming Wednesday evening.

If Frank Schuler and the Disabled War Veterans decide to open wrestling shows that will make two every week and there’ll be a merry time of it until the crash comes.

Lynch declares that Carroll sought a lease on Dreamland Rink for his Thursday night shows, but late Wednesday night telephoned he had decided to go into the Civic Auditorium for his shows.

“I thought I had Londos and Christy,” said Lynch. “Lou Daro in the presence of Commissioner Kelley promised me the match, but that was merely a verbal agreement. I have split with Daro and I think it will be permanent. He didn’t keep his word with me.”

Chaplain Kelley bemoans the wrestling war he thinks is inevitable, but says he cannot see how it is to be avoided.

“If I could do anything to prevent the trouble that is coming,” said Chaplain Kelley, “I would gladly offer my services. But I cannot see there is any prospect of straightening out the matters, and I suppose they’ll all go to rack and ruin.”


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