The Jap Overmatched

Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette – June 17, 1884

Joe Acton Downs Him at His Own Game in Short Order.

Special to the Commercial Gazette.

PHILADELPHIA, PA., June 16. – About 500 persons were attracted to Pastime Park this afternoon to witness the wrestling match between the well-known Joe Acton, champion catch-as-catch-can style, and Matsada Sorakichi.  It was arranged that they should have two trials at the two kinds of wrestling and in the event of a tie score the final to be decided at Graeco-Roman.  A few minutes before 4 o’clock the men appeared stripped to the waist, Acton was very fleshy while the Jap with tanned skin looked like a bronze Hercules.  It proved to be a very tame affair, the Jap being very much overmatched.  The first fall was in Acton’s style and he secured it in two minutes and thirty-four seconds.  After a fresh of a few minutes the Japanese style was tried and by a clever trick Sorakichi let Acton overbalance himself, and to recover he touched the ground with his hands, thus losing the fall.  Another Japanese bout was tried, and Acton this time got hold of Sorakichi and had him down in one minute and thirty-five seconds.  The next, and what proved to be the last throw was catch-as-catch-can, Acton won in one minute and thirty-five seconds.

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