Sporting Notes

The National Police Gazette: New York – July 9, 1887

William Muldoon called at the “Police Gazette” office in reply to the challenge of Evan Lewis, the Strangler, who issued a challenge to wrestle Muldoon or any man in America Graeco-Roman style.  Muldoon states that he will wrestle Lewis and cover any forfeit that he may post either with Richard K. Fox or with any other stakeholder.  If Lewis and his backers mean business they will have no trouble in arranging a match, for Muldoon is eager to meet the Strangler, having never had that opportunity.

Tom Connor of Pittsburgh can now have a chance at Joe Acton in a catch-as-catch-can wrestling match, as may be seen from the following challenge from Arthur Chambers: “I will back Joe Acton to wrestle Tom Connor for $500 a side, the match to take place within eight weeks from signing articles.  I will allow Connor $50 to wrestle in Philadelphia, or Acton will wrestle him in New York, any sporting editor to act as stakeholder and to appoint a referee.  Connor seems anxious for a match, and I hope he will take up this challenge.”

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