Ali Baba, Lopez Capture Olympic Features

Los Angeles Times – May 30, 1940
By Al Wolf

Ali Baba and Vincent Lopez made up the daily double at the Olympic torso-twisting party last night.

The pin-domed Turk defeated Tarzan White – and hurt him in the process. Tarzan attempted a flying tackle, but sly Ali was the little man who wasn’t there, and Tarzan flew into the seats. When he finally staggered back into the ring, Ali tried a body slam, but was careless and slammed White on his head. Referee Dick Rutherford immediately halted the action and Baba was the winner in 21m. 43s. A preliminary examination revealed no serious injury.

In the other feature scramble, Rube Wright gave Lopez a slam that broke windows for blocks around for a fall in 18m. 30s. But the double-jointed Mexican switched to fisticuffs and won “handily” in 11m. 56s. with a left hook and in 1m. 56s. with a right cross.

Lee Wykoff, winner of the recent marathon entitled “International Heavyweight Tournament,” surprisingly found a challenger when he offered to throw any man in the house within 20 minutes or else fork over a considerable wad of folding money. The ambitious one was toothless Crusher Billings, a fellow rassler who was taking a busman’s holiday. But Wykoff didn’t cringe – he stamped out the threat in 6m. 8s. with a hammer throw and body press.

The traffic was terrific all evening in the front row, what with the rasslers making frequent landings and the patrons hasty departures. They should build bomb shelters at ringside. Other results:

Max Krauser and K.O. Koverly drew (both still out of the ring after the 20 count); Sammy Stein pinned Dr. Fred Meyers in 12m. 27s., southern cross; El Pulpo and Bill Stecher drew; Bobby Coleman threw Arturo Nerjil in 7m. 32s., body press; Don Luis Sebastian pinned King Kong Clayton in 12m. 19s., body press.

2 responses to “Ali Baba, Lopez Capture Olympic Features

  1. Does anybody know when and where Vincent Lopez died? Have searched and searched but can’t get any info. If someone could help it would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      I don’t personally know but I will leave this comment here unless anybody else comes along that can answer your question.

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