Piper Gets Rowdy Over Rap

Portland Tribune – February 20, 2001
By Kerry Eggers

Roderick George Toombs is dying to put the sleeper hold on Eminem. You know Toombs as Roddy Piper, and after hearing the lyrics of the foul-mouthed rapper on his 15-year-old daughter’s CD, the Rowdy one is steaming.

Portland’s rasslin’ legend went so far as to contact the head of Eminem’s Death Row Records, whom Piper says has agreed to allow him to cut a rap album/video on the Death Row label. With no profanity, Piper promises.

At 46, Piper has never been busier. He will return to the ring after a year’s absence on Feb. 24 in Denver, where he says he will take on everyone on the card that night. He is suing TNT for $1.4 million for wrongful termination. He says Random House is publishing his memoirs, titled If You’re Gonna Die, Kid, Die in the Ring. He has promised 5 percent of his future earnings to the Cauliflower Alley Club to help out former rasslers in need.


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