Robin Reed Near Death After Suicide Try

The Oregonian – December 23, 1936

SALEM, Dec. 22 – Robin Reed, well-known Oregon wrestler and newspaper publisher, who attempted suicide here early Tuesday, was conscious and resting easily at midnight last night in a local hospital. Physicians said that unless complications set in he had a good chance for recovery.

SALEM, Dec. 22 (Special) – Robin Reed, professional wrestler and owner of the Umpqua Courier at Reedsport, was hovering between life and death in a hospital here this afternoon as the result of an apparent suicide attempt.

Police said that Reed early today went to the basement of his home, 794 North Summer Street, where he mounted a box, placed a noose about his neck and tied the other end of the rope to a rafter. He then jumped into space.

Either before or immediately after jumping from the box, Reed shot himself under the heart with a .22 caliber automatic pistol. The pistol was found on the basement floor under his feet. Physicians said he probably fired the shot as he stood on the box.

The report of the pistol was heard by Mrs. M.W. Johnson, his housekeeper, and Eva L. Ferree, his stenographer. They rushed into the basement and cut him down. Police were then summoned and Reed was rushed to a hospital.

Both Mrs. Johnson and Miss Ferree said that Reed appeared mysterious this morning, but gave no indication that he intended to attempt suicide.

Friends of Reed declared that he had suffered spells of despondence since Mrs. Reed sued him for divorce a few months ago. She charged failure to provide for herself and their minor daughter, plus cruel and inhuman treatment. Reed, in an answer, denied the charges and said Mrs. Reed was comfortably provided for in her own right. The divorce suit is pending in the circuit court here.

Reed has lived in Salem for the past five or six years and is reported to be about 38 years old. He had followed the wrestling profession for many years and has appeared in many parts of the United States.

Mrs. Reed and her daughter live at 1236 Southwest Hall Street, Portland.

Miss Ferree said Reed dictated several letters this morning prior to the suicide attempt.

Reed, who won the 1924 Olympic Games featherweight title, turned professional later and at one time claimed the national welterweight title. He appeared in leading cities throughout the United States until his recent retirement.

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