Brown Again Takes Match

St. Joseph News-Press – January 2, 1943

Orville Brown is still the master of Tom Zaharias, the free-wheeling Pueblo, Colo., heavyweight. Brown won over Zaharias in the main event of the wrestling show at the Auditorium last night by way of proving that a victory of 10 days was no fluke.

Brown got the jump on Zaharias, who demanded the rematch, by taking the first fall in 14 minutes, but Tom evened the match in 12 minutes to climax another rough session. A sensational airplane spin brought Brown the victory in just seven minutes and in a manner that left no room for another Zaharias squawk.

Ronnie Etchison, however, turned in the most impressive performance of the card when he defeated Bad Boy Brown in straight falls in the semi-final event. Etchison was in command the entire way and at the end of the show asked for a shot at Orville Brown, who has dominated the St. Joseph mat scene this season.

The powerful Ras Samara defeated Jay Steele in the special event. Mel Peters and Frank Frogge drew in the opener.

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