Strangler Lewis In The Army Now

Omaha World-Herald – July 27, 1918
By Sandy Griswold

“Strangler” Lewis is another if the country’s most notable athletes to don the khaki. He is one of the new recruits at Camp Grant at Rockford, Ill., and has been made captain of the cantonment’s wrestling team. This team is scheduled to meet the Camp Dodge team of Des Moines, Ia., at the White Sox ballpark, Chicago, as part of the Salvation Army benefit, on Friday, August 9.

When the agreement for the match was originally drawn up Lewis had not yet entered the service, and the Dodge officials declared that they would permit any three wrestlers on the Camp Grant team to tackle Earl Caddock, the recognized champion. Captain E.J. Eddy, of this cantonment, now refuses any such handicap, declaring that he has a man in Lewis who can take care of Caddock with little or no trouble, and for one, among the thousands, I think Captain Eddy is eminently correct, notwithstanding that little old decision handed to Caddock over Lewis in their two-hour-and-a-half exhibition at Des Moines a few weeks ago.

Now if Joe Stecher was only in the uniform, which he will be ere many weeks elapse, what a chance he would have to prove to the world that he is still the boss of them all. It strikes me that Joe would now be only too anxious to enlist if for no other purpose than to get his long promised return match with Caddock, and I think he will. He certainly knows there isn’t a chance to escape the draft, so why not seize the bovine boss by the horns and settle the whole thing before he starts for Berlin?


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