Nazi Salute Injected Into Garden Mat Warfare

Boston Globe – May 12, 1939

Paul Bowser brought a new angle to the wrestling business last night in his
attempt to draw the fans, when one of the new members of his troupe parade
around the ring giving the Nazi salute, after he won his match, just prior to
the Ben Shalom-Harry Jacobs bout.

Of course, Gus Sonnenberg won two out of three from Leo Numa, the former
Black Secret.

The Nazi saluter is supposed to be Ernst Franz Hefner of Dusseldorf, Germany,
but he reminds one very much of a wrestler by the name of Cox. He entered the
ring to face Jack Smith in an unscheduled bout and proceeded to click his
heals together and salute the four corners of the ring. Lusty boos and roars
of laughter poured down on him, but he finished his act.

He threw Jack Smith at 8:37, he again made the rounds of the ring. Just as he
finished, the other new member of the Bowser troupe, the Jewish heavyweight
champion, Ben Shalom, was coming down the aisle. “Hefner” held his saluting
position until Ben started to enter the ring. The “Jewish Danno O’Mahoney”
just glared at him. Shalom made short work of Jacobs. He threw him at 3:34
with a reverse back fall.

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