Board Rules Grapplers Must Wrestle

Los Angeles Times – July 9, 1933

DEL MONTE, July 8 (AP) — From now on, wrestling in this state is going to be “refined.”

The California Boxing Commission adopted rules today forbidding wrestlers from kicking, biting, spitting in each other’s face, tossing one another out of the ring, tripping the referee or wrestling in the aisles. Nothing allowed any more but just to wrestle!

Penalties for violation of the new rules include indefinite suspension of both wrestlers and promoters and forfeiture of purses.

Ted Cox, wrestler, drew a ninety-day suspension at the meeting and a $50 fine for biting Abie Kaplan and Gus Sonnenberg in recent matches in Stockton.

The commission also did the following: Granted a referee license to William Ellis, Santa Maria; forbade promoters to wrestle in the ring; ruled that wrestlers may not compete more than three times a week, or meet the same opponent more than four times a year except for a rematch at the same club.

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