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Acrobatic Matman Subdues Adversary By Sudden Kick; Cox and Thesz Wind Up Even

Buffalo Courier-Express – January 27, 1940
By Ray Ryan

Elmer Slagel squared accounts with his hirsute nemesis, Ivan Rasputin, by virtue of an ancient but effective wrestling dodge last night in Broadway Auditorium. His triumph, achieved in 29 minutes 56 seconds, proved entirely to the liking of 5,018 Buffalo Sporting Club customers. Continue reading

Cox Downs Lewis In Wrestling Match

Sacramento Union – February 4, 1947

The veteran Ed (Strangler) Lewis lost in the main wrestling event here last night to Ted Cox, the Lodi rough rider. Cox won a first fall and Lewis took the second. The Lodian scored the final down in a brief but rough session. Zefko Simunovich won the special event over Hans Buesing in straight falls. Juan Humberto and Otto Kuss did a draw in the curtain raiser.

Strangler Lewis Will Meet King Kong Cox

Sacramento Union – February 3, 1947

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, former world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, and Ted (King Kong) Cox of Lodi will clash in the Memorial Auditorium tonight in a best two out of three falls main mat match. The bout will be over the one-hour time limit. Continue reading

Jim Casey Draws With Ivan Rasputin

Sacramento Union – November 17, 1942

Ivan Rasputin, long-time favorite of Sacramento mat fans, stole the show last night on Johnny Rogers’ weekly wrestling card in Memorial Auditorium with a thrilling, entertaining draw against Jim Casey, the lion-hearted Celt. Continue reading

Wrestling Game Is On The Upswing

Sacramento Union – February 23, 1949
By Bill Conlin

The remarkable resiliency of the wrestling business is being demonstrated on a weekly basis at Memorial Auditorium. Business has never been better, at least in the last five years, and the grapplers are playing to profitable houses every Monday night. Continue reading

Who Was That Wrestler At Ringside?

Tacoma News Tribune – February 20, 1934
By Nelson R. Hong

Of the 2,814 persons who crowded into Greenwich Coliseum last night to watch the “groan and grunt” artists, a few noticed that a burly heavyweight wrestler was occupying a seat next to Arthur E. Grafton Sr., state athletic commissioner. It’s not usual for grapplers to occupy ringside seats, but the presence of Charley Mason in the first round is probably explained in an attempted assault on the commissioner last week by an irate fan who thought that Grafton was lax in his duty in allowing Ted Cox to pursue his roughhouse tactics. With Cox and (John) Freberg in the ring and the fans in a lather, it is likely that the management decided that it would be wise to guard against any fans who might go berserk during the excitement of the bout. As far as is known, Mason had nothing to do in his role as “bodyguard.” Continue reading

Cox Wins In Kruse Match

Tacoma News Tribune – January 23, 1934

Tacoma wrestling fans who watched Ted Cox, heavyweight grappler from Lodi, Cal., hand Bob Kruse a lesson in orthodox grappling last night, forgot all about the “King Kong” appellation they have added to his name. Cox took two out of three falls and the decision from the Oswego cabbage-grower in the main event of the mat card at the Greenwich Coliseum. Continue reading

New Promoter After Cox, Kruse

Tacoma News Tribune – January 18, 1934

Lou Porter, new Tacoma wrestling promoter, hopes to offer as his first attraction next Monday night a rematch between Ted “King Kong” Cox and Bob Kruse. Continue reading

Board Rules Grapplers Must Wrestle

Los Angeles Times – July 9, 1933

DEL MONTE, July 8 (AP) — From now on, wrestling in this state is going to be “refined.” Continue reading

Ad Santel Wins From Ted Cox

The Deseret News – May 14, 1932

OAKLAND, Cal., May 13-(AP)- Ad Santel, 190 pounds, Oakland, defeated Ted Cox, 230 pounds, Lodi, by gaining a two out of three fall edge, in a finish wrestling match here tonight.

Santel won the first fall in 12 minutes as he threw Cox from the ring.  The Lodi husky came back to win the second fall in six minutes with a body lock.  He went down for the deciding tumble.

“Wild Bill” Beth, 230, Stockton, and John Evko, 225, Chicago, both fell from the ring and were unable to continue after each had scored one fall.  Beth took the first with a body slam in 21 minutes, and Evko the second with a body lock in six minutes.