Second-Rate Talent Killing Mat Game Here

Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch – May 17, 1937

The repeated use of second-rate talent is slowly but surely killing the professional wrestling game in Norfolk.

There was a time when $1,200 and $1,300 houses were not uncommon.

Last night’s show drew only a handful of spectators who paid less than $120 to witness the three-bout card.

The small crowd reflected the contempt Norfolk mat followers entertain for the low-grade bouts being presented here these days.

The feature event saw George Hagen, a former Marine wrestler and football player, win over John Evkovich, banged-up-eared Bostonian, in two out of three falls. Hagen lost the first fall but came back strong to win the second and third.

The boys used ending No. 19-A in the semifinal. The scenario for this calls for the winner — played last night by Count Micheloff — to rough up the loser — Mike Kibbons — after having been awarded the decision. The boys played the scene faithfully and, of course, the referee reversed his decision. That ending was old when Strangler Lewis was a Boy Scout.

Henry Graber of Germany — he should have stood on the Rhine — won over Lee Henning of New York in the opening event.

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