Wrestling At Fitzroy

The Argus – December 7, 1937

Spellman and Fouche Draw

Under the management of Stadiums Ltd an eight-rounds wrestling contest was held at the Fitzroy Stadium last night between John Spellman (16.1) and Francois Fouche (18.7).

Apart from the usual punching and cuffing there was nothing to rouse the spectators, few fast moves or clever holds being seen. In the fourth round Spellman obtained a fall with a flying tackle and dump. Fouche equalised in the seventh with a flying scissors and body press and the result was a draw.

The boxing bout between Len Fav and Wyn Negus was not held much to the annoyance of the crowd.

Preliminaries resulted: Jim Smith (9.0) defeated Young Mitchell (8.10) on a technical knock-out in the second round; Jack Daniels (8.4) defeated Lee Darcy (8.3) on points; Claude Cassa (8.13) defeated Jack Cole (9.1) on points; Tom Hunter (8.9) defeated Dinny Ryan (8.9) on a technical knock-out in the third round; Bill Stokes (11.7) defeated Jim Allard (11.1) on a knock-out in the first round.

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