Iron-Head Krauser Beats Garibaldi In Mat Feature

Washington Post – December 10, 1942
By Oscar Elder

Big Max Krauser, the Polish refugee, defeated Gino Garibaldi after 29 minutes of the scheduled one-hour feature wrestling match before 1,200 fans at Turner’s Arena last night.

By virtue of his victory, Krauser dispelled the myth that hard-headed people are doomed to figure, for had his noggin been one whit less durable he might have lost the verdict. Just before the finale he and Garibaldi rammed skulls in mid-ring with a terrific din when Gino missed the bull’s-eye with the second of two flying tackles. Both grapplers groveled around with the blind staggers after the collision, but Max rallied his addled pate and climbed on the dizzier Garibaldi to score with a body press.

The battle allt he way to the finish was a toughie, although as clean as a Y.W.C.A. tea party. Both men used head scissors repeatedly early in the match, but neither was able to establish any distinct advantage.

After 22 minutes Garibaldi forgot for an instant that he was billed as a gentleman for the evening and booted Krauser in the tummy as they were ordered to break on the ropes. However, he picked up a quick cue and hastily apologized to the intense satisfaction of all.

Later, Gino snarled to referee Casey Berger that he was being strangled. But the arbiter sagely observed, “If you were choking you couldn’t talk!” and that ended that complaint.

Johnny Long and the eerie Yellow Mask fought all over the premises to a gruesome draw in the semifinal. Mr. Mask, who is rapidly gaining favor as the most hateful wrestler to appear here, further enhanced his reputation by doing everything but draw a knife on Long.

Occasionally tiring of Long, the Mask would goad referee Berger into taking a swat at him. Once Long drove the hooded fellow out of the ring with a fistic barrage and the audience rose to a man and drove the villain back to the scene of battle. One dear old gray-haired lady in an absurd hat led the charge, lustily swinging a handbag.

Toward the end, the boys even traded bites, Long taking a chunk out of the Mask’s neck in retaliation for some chewed-up fingers. Finally the clock ran out on them and the affair had to be called a draw. Irked, the Mask continued fighting to the delight of everyone, including Johnny Long, until officials could clear the ring.

Ace Freeman and Jack Kelly teamed to defeat Abe Coleman and John Melas in two of three falls in a two-man team battle.

Melas was the victim of the initial fall when he was pinned by Kelly in 13 minutes. The second fall went to the losing team when Coleman flattened Freeman after 8 minutes.

Melas was the victim of the rubber fall when he was pinned by Kelly, Freeman and even Coleman after 6 minutes.

The losing duo were woefully lacking in esprit de corps and even argued vehemently as to who was carrying the heaviest load. Coleman was convinced that he was the afflicted one and he consistently refused to rush to the aid of brother Melas.

Franz Schuman defeated Dick Craddock, a Washington lad, after 11 minutes of a rough opener.

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