Shadow Drops Numa In Top Event

Bremerton Sun – October 21, 1936

The Red Shadow, 215-pound masked bone-tangler, took a two-fall decision over Leo Numa, 216-pound Ballard Swede, in the headline event of August Sepp’s opening wrestling card at Kitsap Amateur Athletic Club arena last night, and bowled over the referee to boot.

The Red Shadow, with his equally crimson manager, working their well-known “signal” combination, mauled his way through four rounds of their scheduled eight-round event, with the Ballard Swede making it a nip and tuck affair up to the last minute.

The Shadow, however, didn’t cut loose until the final tangle when he picked up the Ballard giant and beat his back across his knee to drop him on the mat.

The curtain raiser saw Gordon McKenzie of Spokane, 206-pound bruiser, mix with George Maloney, 200-pound Boston wrestler for five, 6-minute rounds. Maloney tried every trick of the trade to make it hard for the Spokane matman including hair-pulling, eye-gouging and biting, but the Spokane bull slug-armed out of it to a draw for the match.

The second bout of the evening saw Sandor Szabo, 212-pound Hungarian giant, toss the barrel-bodied Fred Carone, Italian gorilla, to a one-fall decision. Szabo is a perfect specimen and an extremely powerful wrestler, once holding the Olympic championship.

Groaning their way through three rounds of their match, neither turned on the heat until Szabo got tired of playing in the fourth and threw the bull-necked Carone from one side of the ring to the other, finally pinning him for the fall. In those short flashes of action, the crowd got a glimpse of the tremendous power the flashy Szabo is capable of.

The only genuine slug-arm blow of the evening was one the Red Shadow connected with George Jensen, Bremerton, who acted as referee. Jensen was attempting to pull the Shadow off for a particularly mean bit of finger twisting when the Shadow uncorked one, catching the tubby Jensen in the face and sending him down to the canvas. After much handshaking, the bout was resumed amid the boos of the crowd.

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