The Jap Defeats Christol

The Roman Citizen – April 18, 1884

CLEVELAND, O., April 13. – Matsada Sorakichi and Andre Christol wrestled a mixed match at the City Armory, in this city, last night.  The first bout, Japanese style, was won by Sorakichi in ten seconds, the Frenchman going to the floor on all fours after two collisions, Sorakichi butting him twice about the neck.  Christol won the second bout, catch-as-catch-can, in four minutes by a leg and a half Nelson hold.  Sorakichi butted Christol like an animated battering ram in the third bout, but Christol had his revenge in the next round at catch-as-catch-can wrestling.  Each having won two falls, the final fall was determined by lot.  Sorakichi won, speedily settling the match by putting Christol to the floor in fifteen seconds.

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