The “Terrible Turk” Lost

The New York Times – July 7, 1898

Yousouf, who was lost on the La Bourgogne, came to this country last Winter with a reputation of being the best wrestler in the world.  His enormous size and brutal tactics when wrestling won him the title of the “Terrible Turk.”  He had met every foreign wrestler of note, and when he came to this country William A. Brady became his manager and arranged a match with Ernest Roeber.  The men met in Madison Square Garden on March 25.  It was the Turk’s first appearance, and the building was packed.  Yousouf lost on a foul, having forced Roeber off the platform and rendering him helpless.

The men met again in May at the Metropolitan Opera House, and the Turk came near causing a riot by his foul tactics.  Yousouf afterward met Heraklides, the Greek wrestler, and won easily, after nearly breaking the Greek’s neck.

Manager Brady was seen in his office, in the Manhattan Theatre, last night.  He said Yousouf’s contract with him expired last Friday in Buffalo.  The Turk then came to New York and called at Mr. Brady’s office to say good-bye, explaining that he would sail the next morning on the French Line steamer.

He had $3,000 in French gold coins and $3,000 in American money with him.

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