Too Big a Job for Muldoon

The New York Times – May 6, 1885

William Muldoon, the ex-policeman and ex-wrestler, who has been posing on stages of late, was seen in his old role in Irving Hall last evening.  He appeared on the stage with Matsada Sorakichi, the Japanese wrestler.  Muldoon made a wager of $100 with the Japanese that he could throw him five times in one hour, and last evening he attempted to accomplish the feat.  They started at their work shortly after 9 o’clock.  Muldoon of course acted on the offensive.  He threw his opponent on the cushioned stage a dozen times, but on every occasion the Jap would rise without being turned over on his shoulders.  After tugging away for 24 minutes, Muldoon managed to get what is known as “a three-quarter Nelson” hold on the wiry Celestial, and laid him fairly on his back, gaining the first fall.  He now had only 36 minutes to gain the other four falls.  He worked hard, but without success, and when the hour had expired only one fall was credited to the ex-policeman.  Muldoon says that he injured his right arm at an early stage of the contest, and that this fact accounted for his failure.  Edward Mallahan was referee.

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