O’Shocker Claims Offer To ‘Fix’ Wrestling Bout

Associated Press – April 11, 1933

ST. LOUIS – Pat O’Shocker, professional wrestler, stated here today that last September in New Haven, Conn., he had been offered $15,000 and then $25,000 if he would agree to have his match with Jim Londos, title claimant, fixed so he, O’Shocker, would win. Continue reading

McCready Retains Title

The Argus – November 15, 1937

AUCKLAND (N Z ), Sunday
Earl McCready, of Canada, retained the British Empire wrestling championship last night after a strenuous bout with Lofty Blomfield, of New Zealand. Neither gained a fall, and the referee declared the match a draw.

Lewis Keeps Title By Pinning Meyers

The New York Times – February 7, 1933
By James P. Dawson

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, world’s heavyweight wrestling champion, had no difficulty defending his crown last night against the assault of Dr. Fred Meyers, Chicago’s grappler-dentist, in Madison Square Garden. Continue reading

Error Killing By Police To Be Aired

Los Angeles Times – July 12, 1935

The story, in detail, of how William Focher, 35 years of age, was fatally shot by police officers late Wednesday night following an altercation with Lou Daro, wrestling promoter, will be told by half a dozen witnesses at an inquest into Focher’s death in the Coroner’s office, Hall of Justice, at 9:30 a.m. next Monday. Continue reading

Sporting Broadcasts From 3UZ

The Argus – December 4, 1937

Commencing on Monday night 3UZ will resume its sporting broadcasts from the Fitzroy Stadium, with Jack Gurry at the microphone. The opening wrestling bout of the new series will be between John Spellman (U.S.A.) and Francois Fouche (France). The broadcasts will be heard at 9.20 each Monday night.

Illinois Takes Rest From Mat Shows

Associated Press – April 12, 1933

CHICAGO – Wrestling throughout the commonwealth of Illinois was finally laid to rest today after a posthumous exhibition in the Coliseum last night in which Jim Browning pinned Ed “The Strangler” Lewis with a scissors. Continue reading

Grapplers Told To Behave

Los Angeles Times – January 6, 1933

CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 5 (AP) — No more rough-house or burlesque wrestling goes in Chicago.

No longer will the big, hairy chested mammoths of the mat be allowed to toss each other out of the ring, exchange bites, slug each other and indulge in other monkey business to the huge delight of the spectators. Continue reading

Untitled (Piero Celi Interview)

Atlanta Constitution – December 26, 1887

Atlanta – A French athlete, a powerful, muscular fellow, is in the city, and wants to tackle the winner in the Muhler-George contest Tuesday night. The Frenchman gives his name as Piero Celi. Celi stands five feet eight and one-half inches in his stocking feet, weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. His arms are as hard as cast iron, while his chest stands out grandly. His shoulders are square and broad, and altogether he is a magnificent specimen of the genus homo. Celi came to Atlanta on Friday night in response to a letter written him by a friend residing in this city, who knew his ability as a wrestler, and his trip was with a view to making a match with the winner Tuesday night. Last night, the Frenchman, accompanied by his friend, called at The Constitution office. Through the friend Celi made himself understood. Continue reading

Lewis Clashes With Carnera In Mat Bout

Miami Herald – December 2, 1947

Primo Carnera, former heavyweight boxing champion, pits his 265-pound, six-foot-six-inch frame against Ed (Strangler) Lewis’ famous strangle hold tonight in the feature wrestling event at the Coral Gables Coliseum. Continue reading

Mat Sport’s Acrobat

Ring Magazine – April, 1934
By Mike Cohn

The world of sport is full of freaks, but in no branch will you find so many varieties as in wrestling. Take for example Fritz Kley, the human contortionist who can fold himself into a pretzel appearance; Sol Slagel, another of the Kley type whose antics in the ring bring forth rounds of laughter and keep the fans in good humor throughout his match; Singh, the latest Hindu importation whose offerings of prayers followed by a continuous slapping of his right thigh have become familiar to New York fans; Matros Kirilenko, whose stately, soldierly carriage and his leopard’s skin robe have made him famous. Those are only a few of the many specimens in the mat world who have one or more peculiarities that have made a definite impression on the mat followers. Continue reading