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Zuma, Starr, Calhoun In Mat Bouts

Sunday Herald – August 30, 1959

Four favorites, including a newcomer, will enhance the next weekly wrestling card at the City Arena and on Channel 5 via WNEW-TV on Wednesday.  And each one has the individuality of being a strikingly-different type than the other popular contenders. Continue reading

Blassie Takes Wrestling Title Before 13,200

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1961
By John De La Vega

Blond Freddie Blassie won the world’s wrestling title (honest!) at the Sports Arena Monday night by putting France’s Edouard Carpentier out of commission, and the howling mob of 13,200 wanted to crown him personally. Continue reading

Sellout Expected For Wrestling Bout

Los Angeles Times – June 12, 1961
By John De La Vega

This is it, he-man fans and little old ladies. For the world’s rassling champeenship, Edouard Carpentier of France against Freddie Blassie, the Georgia peach. Continue reading

Mat Title Match May Set Record

Los Angeles Times – June 11, 1961

A gate record for an indoor wrestling show is a cinch to be set Monday night at the Sports Arena when France’s Edouard Carpentier defends his world heavyweight mat crown against Freddie Blassie. Continue reading

Mighty Igor And The Quest For Certitude

The Kenyon Collegian – October 26, 1972
By Will Morrisey

The gymnasium in Mt. Vernon’s Pleasant Street Junior High School lacks the proper atmosphere for professional wrestling. Brightly lit, clean, well-ventilated: the longtime fan misses the flattened orange drink containers, the obnoxious and greasy teen-aged popcorn vendors and the familiar stench of stale cigar smoke so characteristic of places like Cobo Hall in Detroit and the old Madison Square Garden. But, even with all their grimy magnificence, the old arenas, like the old idols, are falling, and when the wrestlers came into town a week ago yesterday night, they and their devotees were forced to adjust to what seemed an unusual sanctuary. Continue reading

Zebra Kid Unmasked By Rogers In Match

Columbus, Ohio, Star – August 10, 1957
By Armand Romano

If some disgruntled hombre were to rip the mask off the Lone Ranger, Tonto wouldn’t be nearly as surprised at his White Brother’s identity as the capacity Haft’s Acre crowd was last Thursday night (August 1, 1957) after the unveiling of the Zebra Kid. Continue reading

Noel Holmes’ Sports Talk

The Auckland Star – April 28, 1958

“You could sum it up,” said George Bollas sadly, “by saying I’m a schizophrenic.”

I goggled respectfully. “Split personality,” explained George. I murmured my thanks. Continue reading