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McLeod Beat McInerney

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – January 9, 1903

Three Thousand People Watch Wrestler Battle for the World’s Championship.

Cleveland, O., January 9 – Dan McLeod was successful against Tom McInerney in the wrestling match last night at the armory of the Cleveland Grays, winning the second and third falls in a contest best two out of three for a purse of $1,000 and the championship of the world, which title McLeod won from Jenkins at Worcester, Mass., on Christmas Day.

McInerney got the first fall in 16 minutes and McLeod the remaining two in 20:45 and 17 minutes respectively.  Three thousand people watched the contest.

Tom Jenkins Won Another Match

The World – December 16, 1902

CLEVELAND, Dec. 16.–Tom Jenkins, the champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler of the world, who is to meet George Bothner, the clever little wrestler of New York, in a bout in the latter city next Monday night, met a tartar in Tom McInerney, the champion of Ireland, last night.  Jenkins won the match but only after he had been thrown once himself.

Jenkins had great difficulty in the first bout in downing the Irishman.  After thirty-five minutes of real hard work, in which the Irishman showed considerable cleverness, the latter had his shoulders pinned to the mat with a full Nelson hold.  The second bout was won by McInerney in a hurry.  He accupied but two and one-half minutes in downing Jenkins.  Jenkins evidently did not like the idea of having a foreigner down him, so when the third bout began he went to work like a Trojan, and after nine minutes’ work and the use of a half Nelson he put the Irishman down and won the match and the $1,500 purse.

The bout has caused Jenkins to begin some active work for his bout with Bothner, for in latter he knows he is going to face a stiffer proposition than McInerney.  His job, to throw the New York four times in an hour, is a hard one, and he will prepare for it.  Jenkins leaves to-day for Buffalo, where on Friday night he will meet Jim Parr, the champion of England, in a bout.