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Verne Gagne, TV Mat Ace, Here Tonight

Atlanta Constitution – February 19, 1954

Verne Gagne, former University of Minnesota athlete and now the rage of TV wrestling fans, will make one of his few Southern appearances here tonight at the Municipal Auditorium. The program opens at 8:30 p.m. The sturdy Gopher is booked for a one-fall, 60-minute time limit feature bout against another TV mat star, Art Nelson of Montreal Canada. Promoter Paul Jones, who spent several weeks trying to get Gagne away from the big city promoters, says it will be one of the best matches staged here in several months. Nelson, a roughhouse battler, has promised to work the popular Gopher over in this match. Jones says advance ticket sales indicate a sellout by the 8:30 p.m. starting time. Supporting the big match will be Leo Numa against Frank Taylor, Omar Kyam versus Red McIntyre, and Walter Kameroff vs. Tinker Todd.