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Pro Wrestling Takes Bite Out Of ABC

Ocala Star-Banner – January 17, 1999
By Richard Burton

For those of you who need more proof of how well pro wrestling has caught on, just look at the bite it took into Monday Night Football’s viewership this past year.

Thanks to the 9.2 million viewers who watched Nitro and Raw on Monday nights during the fourth quarter of 1998, Monday Night Football had to endure the lowest ratings in its 29-year history. Continue reading

The Rock Is WWF Bad Boy

Cedar Rapids Gazette – August 7, 1998
By Luke DeKoster

When Dwayne Johnson was a kid, he didn’t dream of becoming the president, a doctor or even a star major-league pitcher.

Now called Rocky Maivia professionally, the 26-year-old has fulfilled his dream: breaking noses and thrilling crowds as a pro wrestler. Continue reading

Pulling Down The Big Bucks

Westchester County Weekly – August 2, 2001
By Chris Kanaracus

In terms of talent expenditures, WWFE is sitting on highly favorable financial ground, especially during a soft economy; the salary structure in a wrestling organization is nothing like the bloated payroll of a professional sports team. Continue reading

Meat Marketing

Westchester County Weekly – August 2, 2001
By Chris Kanaracus

Paramount to WWFE’s success is an ability to create new stars. While baseball, basketball and other sports certainly benefit from marquee draws like Michael Jordan and Pedro Martinez, pro wrestling depends on them. Storylines surround them. Fans root for, or razz them. Lucrative merchandise is created in their image. Continue reading

Wrestling Rumbles With Worldly Wisdom

The Daily Cavalier – April 2, 1999
By Rawley Vaughan

I’d like to say some words in defense of professional wrestling. Continue reading

WWF Drops GOP Into Gutter

New York Post – August 13, 2000
By Phil Mushnick

The worst forces of popular culture now are more powerful than mainstream, two-party American presidential politics. Continue reading