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Dusty Rhodes, The Assassin Disqualified

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – April 26, 1976

Referee Stu Schwartz ended the feature match on Saturday night’s wrestling card at Robarts Sports Arena by calling a double disqualification on Dusty Rhodes and The Assassin at 12:41. Continue reading

Rhodes Bull Ropes Funk In Wrestling

The Miami News – April 8, 1976

Dusty Rhodes beat Terry Funk in a Texas bull rope match last night in the main event of the professional wrestling matches at Miami-Dade Community College North. Continue reading

Dusty Rhodes Wins Feature

The Miami News – March 10, 1977

In the featured Texas death match last night on the wrestling card at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Dusty Rhodes defeated Superstar Graham. Continue reading

Wrestling With Anonymity

Palm Beach Post – January 25, 2000
By Michael Browning

He was never unmasked, though the furious fans howled for it, Saturday after Saturday. The hateful red cowl with the black eye, nose and mouth-slits remained in place. Chief Little Eagle tried to lift the mask like a scalp. Haystacks Calhoun would fall on him like a mountain, perhaps hoping the mask would just spurt off his head like a squeezed watermelon seed. Continue reading