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Sammartino Beats George At Sunnyside

Long Island Star-Journal – April 20, 1960

Bruno Sammartino, self-styled world’s strongest man, defeated Gorgeous George after six minutes and 40 seconds in their one-fall-to-a-finish match at the Sunnyside Garden last night. Continue reading

Circuses And Kings

The Canadian Forum – August, 1950
By D.M. Fisher

Several years ago Time magazine hinted that the large crowds drawn by wrestling in Toronto reflected the gullibility of the citizens. Now, with the surge of television, wrestling has come to the fore in the States; the top men are national figures, and the critics and publicists are debunking or glorifying the show. This is one matter where Canada has kept pace with America. We have the chance, even in the smaller towns, of seeing wrestling, and the attendance has risen until it probably stands behind only hockey and baseball as an athletic draw. No populated area fails to support the grapplers; Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton turn out supporters enough to gross nearly a million and a half dollars a year. What does wrestling offer for the husky admission it charges? Continue reading

Meeker and Grant Tag Team Winners

Spokane Daily Chronicle – February 17, 1950

An assist, Jerry Meeker to the Cardiff Giant, provided the pair with a victory in the tag team wrestling match at the Masonic temple last night.

Meeker slugged Stu Hart, then rolled him to the Giant, who pinned him for the last fall.  Hart and Suni War Cloud had won one fall to be even with their opponents at the time.

Hart continued to battle both of his foes after the fall had been called, declaring it had been illegal.

Newcomer Bill Stack took the preliminary from Frank Hickey, two falls to one.