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Sports Front

The Sydney Morning Herald – July 25, 1951
By Hugh Dash

At a recent Sydney Stadium wrestle I made a sneak survey among 20 ringside regulars, men and women.

Two were convinced they were seeing a genuine life-and-death struggle between the bone-and-muscle men. Continue reading

In the Ring

The Canberra Times – November 22, 1948

SYDNEY, Sunday
Seelie Samara and Al Costello met at Leichhardt Stadium last night to decide their wrestling match in dispute last week.

The match went to Samara when Costello was disqualified after each had gained a fall.

Wright Brothers In Grapple Win

Tacoma News Tribune – September 12, 1945

The brothers Wright, Rube and Jim, defeated the soldier duo of Cpl. Louie Thesz and Pvt. Morris Shapiro, both of Fort Lewis, in the tag team bout heading the mat program Tuesday night at the Midway. Continue reading

World Wrestling Roundup — The United States

Australian Ring Digest – August 1950

Louis Thesz, National Wrestling Alliance world heavyweight titleholder, remained the top wrestler in the United States during the past month.

The St. Louis Hungarian had a very active month and turned back Danny McShain, Johnny Balbo, Rito Romero, Gorgeous George, Albert (Mr. Murder) Mills, Ruffy Silverstein and Seelie Samara among others.

Closely following Thesz comes 27 year old Antonino Rocca, the current sensation in the United States.

The catlike South American Italian who, to this writing is undefeated, downed Sandor Kovacs, Lord Leslie Carlton, Babe Zaharias, Kenny Ackles and Baron Michele Leone with his own version of the dreaded backbreaker.

Although the South American possesses one of the best dropkicks in the game, he uses his form of attack only at such time as he has the opposing wrestler softened up.

Then comes the standing backbreaker and the match is all over with another win to add to his already phenomenal string.

Apart from Louis Thesz, Rocca is the only wrestler to defeat Primo Carnera, the Italian giant who has been doing very well since turning his tremendous strength and size to the wrestling mat.

An oldtimer who recently made a comeback to wrestling was Hans Steinke, the German who was rated the strongest wrestler in the world when in his prime. Steinke caused a major surprise in Chicago on 7th February, 1924, when he defeated Stanislaus Zbyszko of Poland.

Strangler Ed Pinch Hits For Friend, Loses

Tacoma News Tribune – September 19, 1945

In an unexpected appearance, Strangler Ed Lewis, pinch hitting for his protege, Cliff Gustafson, lost two straight to Rube Wright in the semi windup at the weekly wrestling matches at the Midway Arena Tuesday night.

Gustafson was injured Monday night in Seattle and Lewis agreed to take his place. Wright took the first fall in 18 minutes as a result of a successful step-over toehold. The second fall came 12 minutes into the second period with a body slam.

After Dick Raines, 230, had been awarded the deciding third fall over Seelie Samara, 245, his reluctance to discontinue his slamming the big Negro about the mat drew the ire of Referee Nick Zvolis who disqualified Raines, reversed his decision, and gave the match to Samara.

The first fall went to Samara with a body press in 15 minutes. The second period ended in 2 minutes as Raines pinned Samara using a back breaker.

In the best match of the evening, Kay Bell, 235-pound ex-WSC footballer, and Mickey Gavas, 240, struggled to a 30-minute draw before the fair-sized crowd.