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Women Grapplers Add Bit To Groaners

Williamsport PA Gazette Bulletin – August 26, 1955

CHICAGO — Women wrestlers like Rose Roman Hesseltine believe a woman’s place is in the ring. She ranks as a top hand among the 40 members of the fairer sex in the United States who have invaded man’s wrestling domain for a share of the loot. Rose Roman has been wrestling professionally ever since she came to Chicago five years ago from Des Moines. Continue reading

Snyder Beats Schmidt, And 7,132 Cheer

Chicago Tribune – June 2, 1956

Wilbur Snyder retained his national television wrestling title last night in International Amphitheater much to the delight of 7,132 spectators who saw him win two of three falls from Hans Schmidt of Montreal. Continue reading

Lady Wrestler Wins Bout With State In Court

Chicago Tribune – October 21, 1954

Another step in the fight for equal rights for women was won yesterday in Circuit court by a diminutive redhead who likes to wrestle.

Judge Harry M. Fisher ruled the Illinois Athletic Commission had no right to refuse a wrestling license to Miss Rose Hesseltine, of 5638 Green St. At the age of 23, she has a four-year wrestling record in 32 states.

Bernard Genis, assistant Illinois attorney general, told the court the athletic commission’s rules said women should not be allowed to wrestle and that, furthermore, the fragility of women should be protected.

Informed by a reporter of the judge’s favorable ruling, Miss Hesseltine said: “It’s so wonderful. This means about 150 other women wrestlers in the United States can now wrestle in Illinois.”

Illinois Atty. Gen. Latham Castle, however, is not one to give up a fight easily. He ordered Genis to file an appeal.

“Why, I’ve won better than half the matches I’ve wrestled in,” she said. “This is a great day for women wrestlers.”

Miss Hesseltine, who wrestles under the name of Rose Roman, stands 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 139 pounds.

Despite Judge Fisher’s ruling, she will have to wait the outcome of the Appellate court action before getting a license.