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Dean Detton Tosses Strangler Lewis

Sacramento Union – January 26, 1937

It was an old-fashioned wrestling match, plenty scientific and lacking completely in the modern-day tactics of punching, gouging and kicking – and Dean Detton won over Ed (Strangler) Lewis by a toe hold. Continue reading

Old ‘Ed’ Rassles Tonight

San Francisco Chronicle – February 2, 1937

Nearing 50, Ed (Strangler) Lewis remains one of the foremost performers among the grapplers, five times world’s heavyweight champion.

When most athletes would be long through, Lewis says he is headed for the top the sixth time and will start again by defeating Sandor Szabo, Pacific Coast heavyweight titlist, in their two-hour rematch tonight at the Dreamland Auditorium, best two in three falls. Continue reading

Ed (Strangler) Lewis Cleans Up Wrestling

Australian Ring Digest – August 1950

During the past month professional wrestling continued to gain in popularity throughout the world and attendance records are being shattered in all countries where the mat sport is promoted. In fact, at the present time, wrestling is in the middle of a boom that has been unsurpassed in the history of the sport. Continue reading