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Wrestling Bouts at Fairmont

The New York Times – December 20, 1913

Three bouts made up the programme of wrestling at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx last night, and a large crowd attended, witnessing some good wrestling of the catch-as-catch-can style.  The feature bout was between Paul Samson, the German giant, and Harry Litosky.  Samson had little difficulty in disposing of his adversary in straight falls, gaining the first in twelve minutes, with a body nelson, and throwing Litosky again after three minutes and forty seconds of tussling, with the same hold. Continue reading

Zbyszko Wins In Two Falls

Chicago Tribune – February 7, 1914

Wladek Zbyszko, who gained fame by winning the European wrestling championship in a recent tournament at Paris, met a severe test last night in his bout with “Farmer Bill” Hokuff at the Globe theater, but showed he possessed enough class to win. Zbyszko won the first fall in 43:55 with a body lock and grapevine and the second in 23:56 with a cross body grip.

The theater wasn’t overcrowded, only a fair number of fans turning out to see the card of four bouts. The windup between Zbyszko and Hokuff brought out the only interesting work of the night.

Zbyszko won because he was better versed in offensive wrestling than his opponent, but that isn’t saying a great deal for either contestant, as Hokuff did not seem to know what to do when he got behind his man. In knowledge of holds he was lamentably lacking, and almost from the start it was apparent the Pole would win. Hokuff was on the defensive most of the time, and he was fairly successful breaking out of several holds with the aid of superior strength.

The semi-windup brought together Paul Samson, the gigantic German, and Julius Goverdacia, Samson winning in straight falls, the first in 16:40 with a cross body and wristlock, and the second with a head scissors and wristlock in 11:00. Strength counted for more than wrestling ability in this contest, and Samson won because he was stronger than his opponent.

John Frieburg won from Joe Gesthout in straight falls. He took the first in 27:53 with a scissors on arm and reverse nelson and the second in 2:59 with a half nelson and crotch. In one fall, Joe Wallace downed Victor Soldat in 35:03 with a body lock.