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“Masked Marvel” May As Well Discard His Hood

New York Herald – January 5, 1916

Photographs of Mort Henderson Show Remarkable Resemblance in Poses to the Mysterious Wrestler.

Masked Marvel Mort Henderson 1-5-1916

There is no reason why the “Masked Marvel,” who has caused wrestling “fans” and many others in all walks of life to do a lot of guessing since he first appeared in the tournament at the Manhattan Opera House, should not remove his mask, as it interferes with his work and his identity is conceded to be as good as proved. Continue reading

“Butcher Boy” to Meet Tom Jenkins

The Washington Times – January 16, 1903

Mixed Style of Wrestling, Best Two in Three

John Piening, the “Butcher Boy” who is meeting all-comers on the mat in Washington this week, is matched to meet Tom Jenkins on January 31, at Madison Square Garden, New York, for the championship of the world, mixed style of wrestling, best two in three falls.

Piening is one of the best wrestlers for his weight that has ever appeared in professional ranks.  He is also one of the youngest for one so high up in his class, and who aspires to be champion of the universe.

He was born in Holstein, Germany, a place well known for its fine cattle.  When a boy he was taught the butchering business and follows it to this day.  Before he had reached his majority Piening had won the “All-Comers” professional tournament in Grand Rapids, Mich., and three years ago defeated every man who was entered in the international wrestling tournament given in the Grand Central Palace, New York.

His first professional engagement of note, however, was against Paul Pons, the Giant French champion.  Although outclassed, in height, weight, reach, and experience, he proved that he could hold his own against any of them.  His quick defeat of Harvey Parker from whom he secured two straight falls in eleven minutes under catch-as-catch-can rules was almost a revelation to the sporting world.  Then he next put down big Jack McCormick, of Philadelphia, for two falls in six minutes.  Nehmet Nachad, the “Terrible Turk,” who wrestled two hours with Ernest Roeber, gave up in eleven minutes of the most desperate wrestling.  The strangle-hold was allowed, and the Turk tried nothing else until Piening secured a hammerlock with which he nearly wrenched the foreigners arms off.  He next defeated the Giant Norwegian Cave Norbeck.

Piening is under the management of Johnny Dunn, the well-known announcer of sporting events.  Dunn is anxious to match his charge against any man in Washington, and wager that Piening can pin his shoulders to the mat five times within the sixty minutes.

Pons a Wrestling Champion

The New York Times – December 1, 1900

Paul Pons, the famous French wrestler and who claims to be the world’s champion because Roeber refused to meet him, defeated John Piening, the “Butcher Boy,” as he is called, last night in the Grand Central Palace. Pons won two straight falls, which was a decided surprise to Piening’s friends, as the lad has met many of the best wrestles in this country and Germany and has thrown all his opponents. He is quick and agile in his movements, and proved a worthy competitor for the enormous Pons, who stands 6 feet 5 ½ inches in height and weighs 260 pounds.