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Wrestling Crowd Has Its Laughs

Davenport Democrat & Leader – March 4, 1941
By Ed Young

(NOTE TO J. OD The obit reporter or one of your picture show critics would have been the best qualified to have handled the assignment that accompanied a couple of passes to the so-called wrestling show. Today in Davenport competitive wrestling is either dead or has slipped down from the category of an athletic event to that of a stage show.E.W.Y.)

So they had elephants in the Shrine circus, too.

Well, to be exact, eight of them Monday night stomped around a ring in the Eagles’ hall. Continue reading

Rock Island Mat Program Attracts 600

Davenport IA Leader – February 2, 1941

With 600 cash customers howling their approval, Maurice Tillet, the grotesque Frenchman known as “The Angel,” threw Hans Steinke, Los Angeles, in 18 minutes of their scheduled 90-minute match Friday night at the Rock Island Armory. Continue reading

Ole Olson Draws Rassle Rowdy

Rochester, N.Y., Democrat & Chronicle – November 11, 1947

Ole Olson, who since he began his “reform” campaign, has run into rassle rowdies almost exclusively in his mat campaigning, has another session booked with a member of the villainous fraternity tomorrow night at the Edgerton Park Sports Arena. Continue reading