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Grapplers Told To Behave

Los Angeles Times – January 6, 1933

CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 5 (AP) — No more rough-house or burlesque wrestling goes in Chicago.

No longer will the big, hairy chested mammoths of the mat be allowed to toss each other out of the ring, exchange bites, slug each other and indulge in other monkey business to the huge delight of the spectators. Continue reading

Londos And Stecher Do It All Over Again Tonight

Chicago Tribune – March 3, 1933

Joe Stecher, the Nebraskan who is one of wrestling’s patriarchs by virtue of his years of experience, will seek his fourth lease on the world’s heavyweight championship tonight at the Chicago Stadium. He will engage Jim Londos, who has made the most sustained claim to the crown for the last three years, for the second time in six weeks. Continue reading

Londos-Stecher Mat Drama Goes On Boards Again

Chicago Tribune – March 2, 1933

The second 1933 showing in Chicago of the Jim Londos-Joe Stecher wrestling number, familiar to followers of the grappling pastime at intervals during the last decade, will be presented at the Chicago Stadium tomorrow night before what is expected to be a record crowd at a local match. Continue reading

Champion Lou Plummer

Referee – March 11, 1939
By Lew Porter

Let it be distinctly understood, I have no great love for Lou Plummer. I can get along fine and dandy if I never see his battered mug again and I hate his big “I” bluster. I can’t stomach his dirty, underhand mat tactics and his constant bellyaching in the ring gives me a pain in the neck. He’s a great rough-and-tumble brawler, yes. He also knows scientific wrestling from A to Z, but you would never suspicion it from watching him in action. I think he got a “favorable decision” the night he won the title from Szabo. You’ll have to do a lot of high-powered vocalizing to sell me the idea that Mr. Plummer has ever been anything but an All-American heel. Continue reading

Wild Red Berry Invades YMCA Arena Saturday

The Dispatch – November 22, 1954

Japs Beaten In Feature

Wild Red Berry, one of wrestling’s most colorful stars and a man who has a vocabulary that would put many college professors to shame, will be at the Lexington YMCA Saturday night. Continue reading

Thesz Unveils The Red Mask And Finds Hefner

Globe & Mail – June 12, 1953
By Steve York

If that don’t beat the Dutch!

Champion Lou Thesz defeated the Red Mask last night at Maple Leaf Gardens and he turned out to be Dutch Hefner. Continue reading

16,800 See Londos Pin Stecher; 59 Minutes

Chicago Tribune – March 4, 1933
By Charles Bartlett

James Londos still is in control of at least 51 per cent of the world’s wrestling championship, despite the earnest efforts of Joe Stecher, once the main stockholder in the corporation, to persuade him to relinquish it at the Stadium last night. Continue reading

Jack Pesek Meets Prince

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – October 25, 1955

Jack Pesek of Lincoln, Nebraska, tackles the job of snapping Prince Maiava’s winning streak in one of the featured bouts on the pro wrestling card at the Exhibition Stadium Wednesday night. Continue reading

Pesek Battles Lou Plummer

The Leader-Post – September 27, 1955

Jack Pesek and John Foti are two fellows who think Texan Lou Plummer is nothing more than a blow-hard.  Pesek will have his chance to prove it Thursday night at the Auditorium when he and Plummer meet in the main event of a pro wrestling card. Continue reading