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All Of Pro Wrestling Is Now Owned By The WWF – Deal With It

Salt Lake City Weekly – July 26, 2001
By Bill Frost

You know professional wrestling is in dire straits when City Weekly honcho and rasslin’ aficionado John Saltas couldn’t care less about what’s going on anymore. Continue reading

WWF Is Kids’ Main Event

Boston Globe – July 17, 2001
By David Arnold

The arms and legs of the 9-year-old were all motion outside the FleetCenter ticket window yesterday, a mix of ballet leap and infantry charge as he imitated the infamous leg drop of the mighty Matt Hardy. Continue reading

Lita Works Hard Outside Ring, Too

Montreal Gazette – July 15, 2001
By Dave Stubbs

Hundreds upon hundreds of them came to the Molson Centre box office yesterday morning, in midriff-baring tank tops or windbreakers, sandals or sensible shoes, funky shades or tinted bifocals, hair dyed out of fashion sense or apparent necessity. Continue reading

WWF: Tumble In Tacoma

Seattle Times – July 3, 2001
By Jose Miguel Romero

TACOMA – Vince McMahon, the shrewd mastermind behind the phenomenon that is the World Wrestling Federation, turned into master critic for a few moments last night at the Tacoma Dome. Continue reading