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Wrestling to the Fore Once More

(Copyright, 1905, by McClure, Phillips & Co.)

The Minneapolis Journal – December 3, 1905

The present vogue for wrestling, which became marked last year and which is exceedingly strong this season, is sufficient reason for calling the interested public’s attention to this, the not least interesting fact about wrestlers today that, unlike prize fighters, they are a pretty abstemious lot when out of training as well as when in. Continue reading

Newsy Gossip Of The Sports

The Day – January 27, 1908

Charles Olsen has about decided to give up the grappling game and he says that when he gets a good steady job planning joists or shingling roofs he will forget all about his aspirations to be a champion.  He has also discovered that he doesn’t know as much about the game as an experienced manager. Continue reading

Wrestling Champion to Show Local Fans

The Binghamton Press – February 5, 1920

Binghamton sport fans will see two wrestling champions in action Friday night, Feb. 20, at the Lyrie theater, Water street, when Leo Pardello, champion heavyweight of Italy, and Harry Stevens, English titleholder, will clash in a finish bout staged by Young Strangler Lewis, of Endicott. Continue reading

Will Hold Mammoth Wrestling Tourney

Associated Press – January 18, 1908

CHICAGO – By terms just closed with the Florida State Mid-Winter Fair Association, Fred M. Barnes, of Chicago, will handle and promote the biggest wrestling tournament ever attempted in America. The tourney will take place at Tampa, Fla., for eight days, February 8 to 15 inclusive. At an estimated expense of not less than $20,000, mat artists from all parts of the world will be invited to participate in these events. Continue reading

Pons To Wrestle Foreigner

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald – January 6, 1911

French Mat Artist, Who Appeared in Dubuque, Monday, Has Big Bout Booked.

Chicago, Jan. 6. – Two more foreign stars of the heavyweight wrestling game will be seen in action for the first time in Chicago at the Empire theater Friday night – Samson, a 260-pound German, who is said to be bigger than Joe Rogers, and Alphonse Steuers, a Belgian, who is making his second American campaign at this time. Continue reading