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Becker Whips Rod Fenton

The Tuscaloosa News – March 20, 1941

Irregularities Are Held At Minimum As Leonard Referees

Due to the expert refereeing job done by Benny Leonard, and no doubt because of the potential sting which still lay dormant in his two aging fists, the American Legion fight program passed rather peaceably last night at Fort Brandon.

The retired former lightweight champ of the boxing ring was continually at odds with the rampant Roderick Fenton, however.  A less strong willed character would likely have had considerably more trouble with the cantankerous Canadian. Continue reading

Mobley, Fenton Wrestle Here

The Tuscaloosa News – April 2, 1941

Champ Meets Rod In Main Event; Ryan To Fight Jensen

Champion Rex Mobley, king of the light heavyweight wrestlers, returns to Tuscaloosa tonight for an engagement with Rod Fenton on the main event of the American Legion grappling card at Fort Brandon Armory. Continue reading

Fenton Defeats Ryan At Fort

The Tuscaloosa News – April 10, 1941

Charlie Keene Wins From Leo Jensen In Legion Opener

Villains clashed at Fort Brandon Armory last night, with Rod Fenton claiming undisputed right to the title of meanest man of Tuscaloosa grappling by virtue of a victory over Ray Ryan. Continue reading

What’s Happened To Old-Time Favourites?

Southern Cross, Wellington, New Zealand – June 10, 1949

In last Sunday’s “World of Sport” broadcast from Radio 2ZB, Wellington, Wallie Ingram, Sports Editor of Southern Cross, gave interesting information about some of the wrestlers seen in New Zealand in the earlier days of streamlined wrestling.   Today, Form Parade reprints this talk — from the original radio script — as an exclusive feature.   If you’ve wondered what happened to “Whiskers” Blake, “Count” Joe Varga, or some of the others, you might find the answer in the following: Continue reading

In the Ring

The Canberra Times – November 24, 1947

SYDNEY, Sunday
Al Costello and Leo Jensen, wrestled a draw at the Leichhardt Stadium last night. Both had a fall each.

Brother Aids Kiser In Win

The Oregonian – January 23, 1951

Jack Kiser, with some spontaneous assistance from his younger brother, Dale, defeated a very angry Soldat Gorky in the feature tangle of promoter Don Owen’s Labor Temple wrestling card Monday night. Continue reading

Cox Wins In Kruse Match

Tacoma News Tribune – January 23, 1934

Tacoma wrestling fans who watched Ted Cox, heavyweight grappler from Lodi, Cal., hand Bob Kruse a lesson in orthodox grappling last night, forgot all about the “King Kong” appellation they have added to his name. Cox took two out of three falls and the decision from the Oswego cabbage-grower in the main event of the mat card at the Greenwich Coliseum. Continue reading

Pesek To Try Comeback In Next Rassle

Lincoln Journal – February 29, 1948

Can the Tigerman come back?

This question will be answered at the fair grounds arena Wednesday night when John Pesek ends a three-months period of involuntary retirement. Continue reading

U.S. Wrestler At Leichhardt

The Sydney Morning Herald – January 16, 1947

Mel Peters, American wrestler, who arrived from the United States by air yesterday, will wrestle Leo Jensen at Leichhardt Stadium on Saturday night. Continue reading

Costello Beats Jenson

The Canberra Times – December 20, 1948

SYDNEY, Sunday. – Al Costello defeated Leo Jensen in their wrestling bout at Leichhardt Stadium last night.  Each had gained a fall, when in the sixth round Jensen went for a drop kick, crashed into the ropes and was unable to continue.