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Zbyszko Throws Dr. Roller On Mat

The New York Times – December 14, 1910

Polish Wrestler Has the American Badly Used Up at End of Two Falls

Zbyszko, the much-heralded Polish wrestler, defeated Dr. Roller of Seattle last night in their catch-as-catch-can match in straight falls, the periods being 1:13:25 for the first fall, and 11:40 for the second.

The Grand Central Palace was the scene of the contest, and probably. 2,500 persons, many of whom were women, witnessed the really fine wrestling series staged by Joe Humphreys.

When the main bout was over it was the consensus of opinion that the winner’s knowledge of wrestling was extremely limited, as he gave no intimation of acquaintance with other than the most ordinary holds, relying mainly upon his immense weight and its accompanying strength. Continue reading

Zbyszko Throws Lemm

The New York Times – January 3, 1911

Swede Lifts Pole Off His Feet and Falls with Pole on Top.

BuffaloN.y., Jan. 2.-Stanislaus Zbysko, the polish wrestler, this afternoon defeated John Lemm, the Swede, in two straight falls, the first in one minute and 30 seconds and the second by default. Continue reading

Zybszko Loses Handicap Match

The New York Times – January 27, 1911

Yankee Rogers Proves the Stumbling Block to the Champion Polish Wrestler.

Yankee Rogers, the champion wrestler of New England, put a crimp in the aspirations of Zbyszko, the powerful Polish wrestler last night, by refusing to be thrown in anything like easy fashion or short time. Continue reading

Zybszko to Throw Three Grapplers

The New York Times – January 25, 1911

With Hackenschmidt in town and Gotch coming within a week or two, the wrestling game seems on a fair way to it revival in New York.  Joe Humphreys who has arranged the lenghty bill for tomorrow night’s carnival at Grand Central Palace, says its only a question of time when either Gotch or Hackenschmidt will be matches with Zbyszko. Continue reading