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Mrs. Terry Gets Tidy Sum In Show

Tacoma News Tribune – February 6, 1934
By Nelson R. Hong

Numerous rackets perpetrated in the name of charity have made many persons skeptical of benefit shows.

Because of the black spots of the past, it is a pleasure to report that the benefit wrestling show for Mrs. Rudger Terry, widow of the Tacoma mat referee, was a real benefit in every sense. Continue reading

Cox Wins In Kruse Match

Tacoma News Tribune – January 23, 1934

Tacoma wrestling fans who watched Ted Cox, heavyweight grappler from Lodi, Cal., hand Bob Kruse a lesson in orthodox grappling last night, forgot all about the “King Kong” appellation they have added to his name. Cox took two out of three falls and the decision from the Oswego cabbage-grower in the main event of the mat card at the Greenwich Coliseum. Continue reading