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This May Be The Nadir, But…

Village Voice – May 17, 1976
By R. Meltzer

Just another usual Wednesday night on LA’s KMEX Channel 34, an interminable half hour to an hour or so of Spanish-lingo wrestling coverage from the Olympic – punctuated by an occasional Anglo-decipherable expression like “Wow!” or “Bakersfield Stadium” – before finally we get to the meat of the broadcast, King’s English interview time with Judo Gene LeBell, brother of Olympic lucha libre (Sp. For “free fight”) promoter Mike LeBell and son of Aileen Eaton, the most successful female entrepeneur in the history of boxing. Tonight smiling carrot-topped Gene has something IMPORTANT to announce: Ernie Ladd has over the weekend won the AMERICAS’ TITLE, Southern Cal’s version of the champeenship shebang. Ernie, the only major matman of Afro genes who’s ever been allowed to perform as a bonafide non-chickenshit villain (as well as the only decent footballer since Bronko Nagurski to become an equally decent wrestler), walks in from stage right with his gaudily bejeweled crown and Americas’ belt a-glistening. Perfunctory congrats from Gene followed by a GREAT calculated who’s-your-first-defense-gonna-be-against? Sequence involving a good 10-15 names: “How about Andre the Giant?” “No, Andre is NOT a worthy contender.” “Okay, how about John Tolos?” “No, HE is not worthy, either.” “Pork Chop (a “real” name: wife’s moniker is Lamb Chop!)?” “You gotta be KIDDING.” Etc., etc., on down the list until ultimately the non-awesome Chavo Guerrero is suggested almost rhetorically. “Yes, I will fight Chavo Guerrero, he is worthy, I will in fact fight him right now for all in TV-land to see.” O-right! Continue reading

Pro Wrestlers Battle Monday

The Press-Courier – September 9, 1978

Once again, pro wrestlers will surround the ring at the Ventura County Fairgrounds arena in Ventura Monday night.

Great Goliath and Black Gordman tangle in the main event.  In other action starting at 8, Roddy Piper meets Gama Singh, Java Ruuk faces Hector Guerrero and Tonga takes on Ed Mansfield.

The main event, with Great Goliath and Black Gordman, is a lumberjack match.  If the wrestler leaves the ring, the other wrestlers stationed outside will toss him back.

Piper, Guerrero Wrestle Tonight

The Press-Courier – September 18, 1978

Roddy Piper meets Hector Guerrero and the loser must leave town in the main event tonight at the Ventura County Fairgrounds starting at 8.

In other matches, Java Ruuk goes against Black Gordman, Ed Mansfield faces Gama Singh, and Pak Choo takes on Don Diamond.