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Steele v. Strangler

Time – December 12, 1932

Two of the ugliest professional athletes in the U. S. last week crawled through the ropes of a ring at Madison Square Garden. One was blubbery Ed (“Strangler”) Lewis, recognized by the New York State Athletic Commission as the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. The other was crook-nosed Ray Steele, whose challenge the Commission had ordered Lewis to accept. Continue reading

The Grunt And Groan Industry Has A Problem

Jack Dempsey’s Sports Magazine – June 1938
By Marcus Griffin

On a soft, summer night in June, 1937, there was but one World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. His name was – and still is – Dean Detton. He was an odd sort of fellow, this champion. His spare moments were spent filling the duties of a Deacon in the First Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church. Continue reading

Manlapig Pins Ted Travis In Wrestling Match

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 19, 1948

The much discussed Ed (Strangler) Lewis-Jack Sherry match comes off next Sunday — if Sherry is willing, promoter Al Karasick reiterated Sunday night. Continue reading

Marsh Pits His Indian Heavyweight, Sherry, Against “Policeman” John Pesek

Lincoln NE Star – March 23, 1927

Latter Pinned In Losing First Fall And Then Forfeits Match By Virtue Of Foul

CHICAGO (Special) — Another Chicago mystery has been solved. The whys and wherefores of that raucous noise emanating from an office building in the region of North Michigan Boulevard have been explained. Joe Marsh, arch enemy of the wrestling trust, has been chuckling so loudly and persistently as to disturb the peace and quiet of the entire neighborhood. Here’s the answer:

Joe’s new heavyweight wrestling prodigy, Jack Sherry, Indian from Alaska country, put John Pesek, Nebraska’s tigerman, on his back in Columbus, Ohio, last week and Joe just can’t refrain from celebrating his triumph.

The news of Sherry’s defeat of Pesek has been strangely slow in oozing into the public prints. Stranger still was the failure of the press associations to broadcast an account of the happenings at Columbus, yet the fact remains that Joe’s Indian athlete actually jammed the tigerman’s shoulder blades against the mat, wherefore the said Marsh has bobbed up to claim the world’s title on behalf of his protege and issue a defi in which he offers to pit his man Sherry against Stecher, Lewis or any other grappler the “trust” may nominate.

“I have been battling the trust nearly ten years,” Marsh said between chuckles today. “They thought I was down and out when Plestina was coaxed to quit me and tie up with the combine, but they’ll have to take another guess.

“The trust worked its old gag of sending its ‘policeman,’ John Pesek, against Sherry, figuring Pesek would be equal to the task of putting my new wrestler out of business, but the scheme didn’t work.

“Sherry was too good for Pesek and he will prove he is too good for Stecher, Lewis or any other trust tool if the combine dares take the risk.

“I am claiming the world’s championship for Sherry and stand ready to match him against any heavyweight in the world, nobody barred.”

Accounts of the Sherry-Pesek combat, published in Columbus newspapers, have reached Chicago. They disclose that Sherry tore into Pesek, gave the tigerman a touch of high life and rarified air by means of a series of “flying mares” and pinned Pesek in 8:42, using a crotch hold and half nelson to win the first fall.

The Alaskan grappler was declared winner of the second fall on a foul by Pesek, who deliberately threw Sherry over the ropes and out of the ring. Sherry landed on his head and was knocked unconscious. Referee Sisson promptly disqualified Pesek and awarded the fall to Sherry, which made him winner of the match.