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Sandor Vary In Mat Test

New York Post – December 20, 1935

Savoldi and Barber Top Wrestling Card at Armory

Sandor Vary, Hungarian heavyweight, is an added attraction on the heavyweight wrestling card topped by Joe Savoldi and Hank Barber, former collegians. Continue reading

Sandor Vary Makes Hit In First Mat Feature

New York Post – December 20, 1935

Sandor Vary has made rapid progress in his brief drive for interest in the wrestling fans.  Today, after only one preliminary match and one appearance as a headliner, he is being sought by several promoters, particularly the group at the Star Casino, where he disposed of Jack Hader in only 19 minutes of the feature event last night.  George Hagen and Gabriel d’Annunzio wrestled 30 minutes to a draw in the semifinal bout.

Rudy Dusek Faces Donovan At Armory

New York Post – April 6, 1936

Rough Man of Mat May Meet His Match Friday Night

The combination of an injury and the sudden rise of his younger brother, Ernie, put Rudy Dusek in the wrestling background for awhile but he’s coming back slowly to the heights he formerly reached.  Another step in the campaign will be made Friday night when he opposes Jack Donovan at Twenty-second Engineers Armory. Continue reading

Cox Is Pinned By Cliff Olsen In Rough Match

Washington Post – October 22, 1937

The creation of a new grip won the feature match for Cliff (Swede) Olson last night at Joe Turner’s weekly wrestling show when he hurled Kansas Joe Cox from the ring with such force that his leg was trapped in a folding stationary seat of Turner’s Arena. Continue reading

Stadium Wrestle

The Sydney Morning Herald – October 31, 1951

Dick Raines will meet Chief Little Wolf at Sydney Stadium to-night in the second-last wrestling match of the season. Continue reading

Wild Red Berry Beats Pete And Keeps His Title

St. Joseph News-Press – February 6, 1943

Wild Red Berry, a fugitive from the coal mines of Kansas, is still the light heavyweight wrestling champion of the world following a victory over Prospector Pete in the main event of last night’s Auditorium card, but the little fellow from Gold Lodge, Ariz., has stamped himself as a very worthy challenger. Continue reading