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N.W. Sports By Jack Hewins

Associated Press – October 7, 1953

This, friends, could be slaughter. Or sheer slapstick.

The rasslers have organized a football team and will bang heads with the Seattle Ramblers at Tacoma Oct. 11 in the “Muscle Bowl.” And heaven help the Ramblers if they don’t know the holts. Continue reading

Manlapig And Travis To Meet On Mat Program

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 12, 1948

Ted (Tiger) Travis and Pantaleon Manlapig have been signed for a non-title match to headline next Sunday night’s pro mat show at the Civic Auditorium, promoter Al Karasick announced. Continue reading

Manlapig Pins Ted Travis In Wrestling Match

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 19, 1948

The much discussed Ed (Strangler) Lewis-Jack Sherry match comes off next Sunday — if Sherry is willing, promoter Al Karasick reiterated Sunday night. Continue reading

Ramblers Defeat Wrestler Gridders

Tacoma News-Tribune – October 12, 1953
By Ed Honeywell

By reason of their advantage in youth, speed, better organization and more recent acquaintanceship with the game of football, 1953 version, the Seattle Ramblers prevailed over the Wrestlers in Sunday’s “Muscle Bowl” game at Lincoln Bowl. Continue reading