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Resin Thespians Offer ‘Tonight At 8:30’

Rocky Mountain News – December 5, 1937
By Abe Pollock

Our dear resin thespians, the muscle necks, will light the gas lamps tomorrow night at City Auditorium in another of those spasms of playlets made famous by Noel Coward

The wrestlers, under the guidance of Impressario Jack Kanner, will present matdom’s version of “Tonight at 8:30” in five, instead of nine, short — shall we say — plays. Heading the list will be Gus Sonnenberg, ace of all the muggers, and Bill Longson in a 90-minute, two-out-of-three engagement.

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The Milwaukee Journal – August 31, 1932

San Francisco, Calif. – Don George, Boston, won from Dan Koloff, Bulgaria, on a foul after each had gained one fall.  Koloff was disqualified for using rabibit punches; John Pesek, Ravenna, defeated Dick Raines, Texas, in 5 minutes; Ira Dern, Salt Lake City, and Bob Kruse, Portland, Ore, drew in 60 minutes; Everett Marshall, La Junta, Col., pinned Barney Ostopovitch, Russia, in 15 minutes; Bull Heffner, Texas, and Hardy Krushkamp, Columbus, Ohio, drew in 30 minutes. Continue reading

Wrestling Match Ends In Knockout

The Oregonian – July 16, 1925

Ira Dern of Salt Lake City knocked out Billy Edwards of Kansas City last night in the second round of a bout that had been advertised as a wrestling match, which proved to be a Donnybrook for two. If it was a wrestling match then Dern played in tough luck, for he took two falls in jig-time and lost the decision. Continue reading

Ira Dern – A True Champion

Deseret News – March 25, 1957
By Les Goates

“EVERYBODY’S FRIEND” was Ira Dern.  He was known from coast to coast.  His name was on the sports pages all over the land for a quarter of a century.  He was champion in his chosen field and generously endowed with natural ability in many other forms of athletics.  When Ira was called out by the Great Referee, a grand old trooper was retired from this realm of human endeavor. Continue reading

Edwards Defeated In Terrific Bout

The Oregonian – July 18, 1925

For the second time within three nights, Ira Dern of Salt Lake knocked out Billy Edwards, the headlocking caveman from Kansas City, in their wrestling match at the Heilig theater last night – knocked him so cold by catapulting him from the air backwards onto his head, after Edwards had clamped a body scissors onto Dern and Dern had clambered to his feet and locked Edwards’ legs with his hands so that he could not slide free, that Billy had to be carried from the mat, through for the night. Continue reading

Dern Wins On Foul From Mike Romano

The Oregonian – November 3, 1927

Ira Dern, the handsome Salt Lake City matman, won from Mike Romano, Chicago Italian, on a foul in their wrestling match at the Heilig Theater last night. The match ended when, after each man had taken a fall, Romano gave Dern the knee in the pit of the stomach. That was too much for referee Chet Wiles who, up to that time, had been overlooking considerable more rough stuff than the wrestling law allows. He stepped in while Dern was still writhing on the mat from the effects of the kick and awarded the match to the Salt Lake City grappler. Continue reading

Dern And Romano To Wrestle Tonight

The Oregonian – November 2, 1927

Football has its Red Granges and baseball its Ty Cobbs, boxing its Dempseys and wrestling also boasts of some colorful athletes, pre-eminent among whom is Ira Dern, Salt Lake sheik, who meets Mike Romano in a muscle-grinding tilt at the Heilig Theater tonight. Of comparatively slight build for a heavyweight, the vivid Utahan is catlike, his every movement and his face shines with a deadly battle light when he is on the mat. He is rough and strong and extremely popular with Portland fans. Dern has appeared here in more sell-out engagements than any other visiting wrestler. Continue reading

Casey O’Dale Wins From Rudy Warner

The Oregonian – October 26, 1927

Casey O’Dale, Irish matman of Cedar Rapids, Ia., slammed Rudy Warner, Omaha grappler, to the padded canvas for a clean knockout in their match last night at the Heilig Theater. The limb-locking tussle, one of the most spectacular ever seen here, ended right then and there, with the Irish lad declared a winner, for Warner was unable to come back after a 15-minute rest. Continue reading

Ketonen Works Hard For Dern Match

The Deseret News – April 3, 1922

Champion Will Also Be In Good Trim

Waino Ketonen

Waino Ketonen

Salt Lake’s wrestling fans have but four days to go when they will be able to see Ira Dern defend his title against Waino Ketonen who is also considered one of the best middleweight wrestlers of the world.  The matched men will go on the mat Thursday night at the Salt Lake Theatre and it will be to a finish, best two in three falls with catch-as-catch can wrestling rules to govern.  No holds will be barred but the strangle.

Ketonen’s work has been carefully watched since his arrival here and all those who have seen him work are greatly pleased with him and believe that Dern will have to go harder and faster than he has ever done before if he wishes to retain his crown.  Ketonen in his training works easier and smoother than any wrestler that has ever come here to meet Dern or any one else, and it is also reported by those who work with him that he has more strength in his arms than has the champion.  He came here early enough to get acclimated and Ketonen is positive that he could wrestle three hours at top speed and with such wonderful endurance any man his weight will have to go a very long distance to win.  Ketonen will work in the gymnasium three days and will rest Thursday.  He will taper off his hard work Wednesday.

Ira Dern left this morning for Logan where he is to wrestle Tom Ray tonight in a finish match, best two in three falls, the contest to be governed by catch-as-catch can wrestling rules.  Dern’s work of the past three days in the gymnasium proved that he is better than he was two months ago and judging from his work on the mat the champion could wrestle all day without tiring.  After the match Dern will return to this city and get himself ready for Ketonen.  He says that he will work Tuesday and Wednesday in the gymnasium at the fire station and will then lay off to rest up.

Tickets, which were placed on sale this morning at the Salt Lake Theatre, are beginning to move in the way to assure a packed house and Heagren says he is satisfied with the present outlook with everything concerning the match.

Elks Go Limit To Sign New Champ For Tilt

The Deseret News – April 19, 1922
By Walla Rey

Grappler Who Beat Dern Is Secured For Bout At Orpheum, Apr. 28.

“WHAT is your figure?” Continue reading